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Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the Sponsor a Bench campaign?
This is your chance to commemorate loved ones through purchasing and engraving a memory or name on your sponsored bench at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.

• Is the bench mine to take home?
Unfortunately, the bench is property of the Zoo. You will be donating a bench to help us provide a cool shaded area for guests to relax.

• How much does the bench cost and is it tax deductible?
Your donation is $1,500 and will provide necessary seating throughout the Zoo. Since no goods or services are received you are eligible to deduct the full amount of the sponsored bench.

• Where will my bench be placed?
Your bench will be placed in the corresponding area of the Zoo based upon your color choice. Each color has specific areas of the Zoo it can reside in. Your bench will be in the Zoo and is not guaranteed to be in one specific spot over the course of the bench’s lifetime.

• Can I engrave my bench?
Your engraving can be personalized up to 30 characters. (Pictures not included) Please ensure all spelling is correct so that we can display your bench in a timely manner.

• How long before I can come to the Zoo and sit on my donated bench?
Typically your order with production, engraving and shipping will take approximately 3-4 weeks. We will contact you when it arrives in the Zoo, is assembled and ready to view.

• What happens if my bench is damaged?
The bench is warranted for commercial use for 5 years. Here at the Zoo we value the bench as much as you do, and we will continue to service and maintain the bench during its lifetime.


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